Tuesday, February 2, 2010

20 minute power test...

Since it's February and it was a beautiful day (upper 50's) in the Pacific Northwest it was time to get out and ride. I'm still suffering a little from a cold, but I wanted to get a good baseline for my 20 minute threshold power to see if I'm where I wanted to be right now or not.

So....I headed out to my basic test climb....Pumpkin Ridge to give it a good effort. Overall, I felt pretty good, but feel I could have squeezed out a few more watts overall especially if I had somebody there to push me.

End result: 378 watts for 20 minutes....375 watts for 24:28 that it took me to climb the hill.

My average HR was 160 which is right where it should be for an effort like this, but again, if I had somebody to push me it would have been closer to 164.

Coming into this year I wanted to be putting out around 380 watts for 20 minutes so this puts me right on schedule for where I want to be power wise. Now only another 22 watts or so to go before I get to the 400 watt level.

On a side note, I've also lost another pound....down to 207.6 now and another 12-17+ pounds to go. My goal is to settle in around 195 pounds, but may try and see if I can get to 180 pounds just to see if I can do it.

Two seasons ago I was down to 187.5 for a couple of weeks and I was climbing very well at that time. Currently I'm putting out a lot more power than I did two years ago so if I can get my weight down....it should be a good year on the bike :)

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  1. Nice work out there! Let me know the next time your out there for a test and I'll try to join you.