Wednesday, January 6, 2010

3 weeks into intervals....

Believe it or not, I am enjoying my intervals again because I can feel the power coming back and it just feels good to push some limits again.

I started my intervals approximately 3 weeks ago and have now put 28 watts back on my 20 minute threshold intervals. This puts me very close to the point where I had stopped doing long intervals back in September/October and started doing more "Tempo" work.

My goal is to put another 40 watts of power (i.e. about 12% increase) over the next month and a half heading into the first ITT of the year the Jack Frost ITT, which is a 20k ITT held in Vancouver. If I can accomplish this...I should be around 380-400 watts for my 20 minute threshold efforts. What that will do for my ITT time...who knows, but it won't hurt :)

On a side note...I've also started my weight loss. This means watching what I eat and monitoring my caloric intake compared to my caloric expenditure. I'm currently running a deficit of around 700-1000 calories a day which should equal out to a loss of 1.4 - 2 pounds per week, which will get me back down to "Race Weight" around mid March...So I might hit one of the Banana Belt races this year and am looking at racing the "Piece of Cake" race for the first time this year...which may be my first road race of the season.

Overall....things are on schedule to be ready when I want for the race season....but lots of things can mess that up, so it's a matter of remaining disciplined and sticking to the plan.

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