Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Flo Disc

Since my crash at Revenge of the Disc #2 last year, I've been riding on a damaged disc and knew I couldn't use it any longer when the crack started getting bigger.

Knowing another Flo wheel order was coming up I thought I'd take my chances for a disc. I emailed the owners to see how many "Clydesdale" discs they would have in this order and they let me know they had 17 of those and 100 total discs.

I figured since I'd be going for the Clydesdale version (28 spoke instead of 24) I had a fighting chance to get one in this order since most would be going for the non-clyde version

The day came to order, I logged on for the "Race for Wheels" and was able to secure a new disc. They are very aero wheels and for the price ... unbeatable.

No less than one week later ... the disc was at my door. A couple minutes later, tire on it, cassette on it and on the bike it went for a "Tour de Neighborhood".

I can't wait to race it next weekend :)

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